Some 25 Things You Could Do, In Living This One life you’ve got: Stop existing and start living! {Pt.4}

Hello my excellent readers,

I’m back again with another five things you should definitely do in this life that you’ve got, so enjoy! 🤗


Even if we live up to a 100 years or more, life is quite short and the days go by like the speed of light. I know it’s wise to save and be ready for rainy days… However if a person’s life got cut short and they have bountiful savings but lived a life of poverty, that person would have lived a wasted life. While it is advisable to save and prepare for rainy days, it is also advisable to live in the moment. 

Treat yourself to an expensive gift or just an ordinary gift once in a while. It could be every time you get paid, either from your own business or from your employer. Decide to use some portion to treat yourself to something that you otherwise would not have gotten for yourself under normal circumstances.

 At least once a year, buy a very expensive gift that you probably wouldn’t have gotten in any normal circumstances. 

For example, on your birthday on my birthday I got myself a new phone because my old one was all smashed up (apparently my fault). This new phone was quite expensive and it took a lot of willpower for me to actually decide to buy it. I realised that I would only be frustrated using my old smashed up phone especially in this pandemic where it is extremely difficult to get it fixed.  I decided to treat myself to this new one and it has been one of my best decisions. Right now, I use the phone for my blog, my vlog and a lot of other things.

So,  just like me, it could be your birthday, an event, Thanksgiving or even Christmas, but ensure to get yourself at least one expensive gift a year. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something new at least every month, just so you don’t get save everything and forget to live and enjoy the moment.


There is a type of fulfillment that comes with being kind, and acts of charity to people you know and those you don’t. Although in this life, it feels like the money we’ve got is never enough and all the resources that we have never seems sufficient, however life is fashioned in such a way that when you share your resources you become and feel much more alive than when you spend it by yourself.

 It  therefore is important that we invest in others. I say invest because there is a lot of life that way you give it comes back to you in a better measure I know a lot of people believe in karma; I personally don’t, but if you believe in karma bringing back to you the bad things that you’ve done, then you should also believe in the good Things returning to you. As a Christian, I believe that once you give, it comes back to you in multiplied form.

Why did I suggest that you give to the church? Because the church is one place that actually look out for people that are really in need, no matter how little their resources are. So you can’t go wrong giving to the Church.

So today, you should make up your mind to give to family, friends, the church and to the needy, because when you build people, up you become built up.


This is one thing you shouldn’t leave this earth without doing. I’m not just talking about getting a surprise birthday party. I’m talking about organising a party for yourself or being involved in the process. It could be a games night or just be a gathering of people for a movie night, but it is a wonderful experience. 

When you organise a party, you own it, as you decide the agenda, you decide what will be eaten, who will be invited and ensure everyone has a good time. It is one amazing feeling that you get in seeing people happy in an event that you organised.

The last time I organised a birthday party was on my 24th birthday, in which I had most of my friends  from different nationalities come together and it was such a beautiful diverse party. I saw the likes of my Asian friends and European friends dancing to African beats, trying out our moves, and playing our games. It was so fulfilling for me, that at the time, I proclaimed that it was my best birthday yet.

Well, my 25th birthday has taken over that, but it is still one of my best birthdays.


As funny as this may sound, a number of people do not know how to cook. It is a skill that some people have decided “is not for them” and they would rather eat out or depend on somebody else to cook for them. 

I must tell you that it is a wonderful feeling to eat a meal that you prepared for yourself, and there will come a time when you get weary of eating out. It will then be up to you to create something that can satisfy your food cravings.

It will give you a lot of pleasure to be of service to your loved ones and people you know, when you can cook  for them. For example, in a relationship, it will be nice for you to cook for your partner once a while. 

So, in this life, cooking is one thing you should certainly learn. Although there is nothing wrong with eating out, it’s very different when it’s your home-cooked food. 


This is one advice that I need to take, because it is something I’ve been planning to learn, but I’d rather cook than bake. Cooking and baking at two different things, and I am quite good at cooking some things, but I couldn’t bake anything to save my life.

 It is one skill that has been on my mind, and I really hope to do it in this lifetime. My friend baked my birthday cake as a surprise this year and it was the most delicious cake I have tasted, as seen below.

Baked for my birthday by my wonderful friend Michel’lee.. Certainly the best

It was so good that I am beginning to consider taking lessons from her. There are loads of Nigerian pastries that I love, but don’t have access to because of  the distance barrier. I mean pastries like; meat-pies and sausage rolls, which are sold for very expensive prices in African shops here in the UK.  These are things I can easily bake for myself if I learn the skills. 

So let us all take this advice together and learn to bake for ourselves. Let’s stop buying pastries all the time, and begin baking them. It is one thing we should definitely try out!

Alright awesome people, that will be all for today. Hopefully there’s something here you will be willing to try out. I will be posting the last part soon, then we will be moving on to another interesting topic. 

I might not do a long series like this again… Maybe till i turn 26. Lol.  😏😏

Thank you so much for always reading and I always look forward to your comments privately and publicly see you next time!🙏🏽



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