Some 25 Things You Could Do, In Living This One life you’ve got: Stop existing and start living! {Pt.3}

Hello my beautiful readers, 

 I’m back with part three of this subject topic and I hope to bring you something that will catch your interest.  So here’s another five things you can do to Live and not just exist.


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Real estate is one of the most lucrative sectors to invest or work in.  I say this after about 2 years of being a realtor. 

I made my first million in my local currency at the time I’m from this sector.  It involves the sales of land and  fixed properties, such as residential and commercial buildings.  

Anyone in any location could get involved, either as an investor or as an agent (Realtor); that is the middleman, connectinging the buyers to the sellers and vice versa. 

 As an investor you could invest on a micro or macro level.  On the micro level  you could buy a cheap property in an area, and wait for its value to rise. This is common in real estate, especially when the area is developing, the prices of landed properties increases with the development of the area. 

 What I am saying is, when you buy a cheap property in any location around the world, depending on your budget, you could wait months or even years for its value to rise then you can resell and make profit.  After this you can repeat this pattern over and over again. 

You could also build or buy a house and then decide to rent it out, then make money from your rentals.  In fact if you use mortgage loans to buy the house, the profit from your tenants could pay off the mortgage while still making some extra profit for you.

 On a macro level, anyone could begin a Real estate business either  by  buying lands, developing estates then selling the properties built, or  creating your real estate agency business  by selling people’s properties that is, connecting sellers to buyers on a larger level.  Either ways, real estate is a profitable venture in every way, and certainly one which you should consider in this lifetime.


Singing and dancing has been underemphasized as a way of expression however a lot of people do this as a form of self-fulfillment and enjoyment.  a lot of times it relates to culture and even religion.  However, every individual on earth should at least do one of the two, either for fun, entertainment, exercise or just for self-fulfillment. Both skills could also be monetized.

This is evident in a lot of celebrities who are singers, and even in the movie industry most times, it is required for actors to be able to sing. There are therefore great benefits that can be gotten from singing.  You could join a choir or a band and equally get money and fame, just for singing.  You could also get involved with competitions that have monetary prizes and use your gifts to make some money.

 With dancing, it could be a form of exercise to keep fit, a hobby, or a source of living. It doesn’t matter the type of Dance,  be it traditional, contemporary or any form of Dance, you could get paid for this skill. You could perform in churches, shows and events and get paid  for knowing how to entertain people with your dance.

 In getting these skills, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including personal joy and monetary gain. 


Not to Sound so religious, but the church is a place of peace, not just to Christians but to everyone searching for such. There are so many churches in the world with beautiful music, wonderful people and words of hope from the Preachers. So, whether you are a Christian or not, the church is certainly a place to try out. 

 If you are a Christian, I am pretty sure there are so many pastors and churches that you would like to visit, see and experience, so stop wasting your time wishing and make it happen. Even if you have to travel across your country or the world, it is certainly something you won’t regret. 

If you are in a new environment, there is nothing wrong with browsing through churches to find a place that you’re comfortable with.  You could try them online and Real-Time. When you finally find a Church you can call home, you should definitely go all out by joining a service group and become a full member of that church.

For non- Christians, attending a church is something you should definitely try out. You’ll be so surprised how different the atmosphere is, how different the people are, and the kind of joy you could get, just by attending a church service. I’ve met people who aren’t Christians, but go to church just for the peace, and a lot of them eventually become Christians, but that is a choice you have to make personally and there is no pressure.

In this case you have nothing to lose, and even beyond money, you have everything to gain just from attending a church.


 Entrepreneurship is one thing that has become very prominent in this time and age. Whilst it is great to work for someone and earn a living from an organisation,  you’ll find it more fulfilling when you begin to do things for yourself. It entails making money from your talent and resources.  

If you live your whole life building for someone else, you would probably wake up at 70 and feel unfulfilled, as you discover that you never lived. However, when you build your own business, even despite the struggle, the rain and the storm, you will wake up at 70 feeling fulfilled, because you have a legacy, and you have left your name on The Sands of Time.  Diligence is one major thing that would ensure that your business stands the test of time.

 You could start off by  deciding what you are passionate about and what business you would like to do. Whatever your talent or passion is, it can be monetized. It could literally be anything, from could be the sales of goods and services to creating an agency, but as long as it is yours, even if you’re selling sand, you are sure how to make profits with diligence and excellence.  

Next step is to get the business name, and register your business in your country of residence.

Then finally begin building your business. It will not be a piece of cake, as every business, even sole proprietorship, is a risk.  However, This is an idea, from which you can gain greatly, depending on how much diligence you employ.


Concerts are one extreme way to live to the fullest, in the sense that you’ll be going to a crowded event to see and listen to someone you love. It is one way you can get in touch with the celebrities and people that you love so much but only see on the TV.

 Most of the time, these concerts might be a bit expensive because of the caliber of people organising it, however it is an experience that you can’t regret and is always worth your money.

 I remember attending the first concert  I attended in my life. It was organised by my church for free and the experience stuck with me so much that I kept looking forward to another concert.  Then my first experience attending an internationally organised concert with so many celebrities in a stadium-like place was overwhelmingly amazing.  It is one of the reasons I long to be in a concert after this whole mess of a pandemic is over. 

 It is a completely different experience from watching a TV no matter how loud your speaker is.  I am a major fan of Hillsong Young and Free and everytime I look at the large concerts I can’t help but long to be there in person.  Indeed it is one concert I would like to attend in my lifetime and I’ll be sure to as soon as I get the opportunity Hopefully they’ll come to the UK soon. I will most certainly be willing and able to travel to any part of  the country just to attend their concerts and see the members of the band live and Direct.  I’m pretty sure it will be the most fulfilling experience of my life.

Blurry picture of myself and my friends after a concert💃🏽

 Alright my lovely readers that will be all for today.  We have two more parts left before we move on to another topic.  I really hope one or more of these 15 ideas could have called out to you and if not, maybe the remaining 10 do the trick.

But really, try it out and thank me later.

 Alright see you next time and thanks for reading.

 💗 Faith 


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