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Chapter 2

Read Chapter 1 Stranger-Danger The Wednesday morning sun shone bright, and Ese's cup of anticipation was filled to overflowing. She had thought of Samuel for each day of her wait and had wished she had set their meeting for an earlier date. Although she was impatient about meeting the man, none in her household, save... Continue Reading →

Writer Singing Hana Mo🌺🌸🌷 Video of the song sa (Verse 1 Japanese)Koko ni izumi wawaku ここに泉はわくNamida wo sugiru toki 涙をすぎるときYagate mi wo musubi やがて実を結びWaraigoe ni michiru 笑い声に満ちる (Chorus)Hana mo kumo mo kaze mo ooumi mo 花も雲も風も大海もKanadeyo kanadeyo Iesu wo 奏でよ奏でよイエスをSora ni hibike utae tamashii yo 空に響け歌え魂よMegumi wo megumi wo megumi wo 恵みを恵みを恵みを (Verse 2)Aoge ten wa hiraki 仰げ天は開きBokura... Continue Reading →


Faith O. Adiorho (Author and blogger) Hello my wonderful readers!!! 🌸🌞 I'm happy to announce to you that my blog is starting again and this time it is sure to be consistent. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 I shall be giving you content you will love, especially my new historical fictional series called The Black Duchess. 😎😎💃🏽 Please 🙏🏽watch... Continue Reading →

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