Some 25 Things You Could Do, In Living This One life you’ve got: Stop existing and start living! {Pt.5}

Hello my wonderful readers I’m back again with final five things you should definitely do in this life that you’ve got…  so enjoy… 🤗

21.) Build Lasting Friendships

Proverbs 418 gems, my previous amazing friendship group before moving to the new city

     This is one important thing in life that we shouldn’t take for granted. It involves,  building and maintaining relationships with male or female acquaintances of several age groups.

 How do we build friendships that last? 

Firstly you have to start whatever friendship you desire. Before you can build any relationship,  you have to actively start it up. Most people don’t make friends because they expect it to happen passively, but that is rarely ever the case, as someone has to make a conscious decision to walk up to someone to start up a conversation, that could lead to a friendship. This is the one major step that has prevented people from building relationships.

Everything in life is a risk, so rather than wallowing in the  fear of “what if this person doesn’t want to be a friend,”  take the risk and start something. That person might end up being your best friend for life.

I remember when I moved to a new city at the age of 23, and I was thinking that it was too late for me to make new friends because I was “really old” and  didn’t have any childhood memories with anyone in the new city… lol. I had the best friendship group in my previous city called proverbs 4:18 gems and I thought I could never have that type of friendship anywhere again.

I however still decided to take the risk, and in the end, the friends I made have been the best friends I’ve had in my entire life.

Friends I made in the new city💗🤗

Next, you need to learn to compromise in a friendship. Not everyone is going to think or act like you, so study and understand your friend and you will see how far your relationship will go… i will probably have to do a blog post about this…

For now just know that great friendships are always worth it. Even the Bible states that woe unto a man who is alone.


I know a lot of people might think this is silly… “who wouldn’t want to get married?” It will surprise you to see the large numbers of people who have decided that they wouldn’t get married. A lot of folks these days have decided to remain single for life.

 Marriage however, is one of the greatest gifts that God gave to humans. It is the unification of two different people from different families and backgrounds. It is the only platform with a very funny equation, where 1 + 1 = 1.

 In marriage, you’ll always have someone to depend on, someone you can trust, someone to live for, and someone to build a family with. It is very important that you experience this, and not grow old, wishing you had someone to spend your old age with.  

Don’t let the fear of all you hear about marriage deter you. I am quite aware of the rise in the divorce rates, but  marriage is a worthy risk.

You should go for it, not for fear of what might happen, but with a mind to make something that will last eternally. In doing this, you’ll discover that you’ve made the best decision ever.


Now this follows the previous point because, not everyone wants to have children. Some people view children as just annoying bunch of people set to make life miserable for their parents. These people seem to forget that they were once children, at some point. 

Children are a gift from God and you will discover in old age that they are worth every stress you go through to raise them. The worst seasons in raising children are from their childhood to your teenage years, but when these children begin to mature, and become adults, you’ll be so surprised about the joy and pride they bring you (as long as you raise them right).

They will look after you in old age, also they will be your Legacy, which you can leave an inheritance of all you’ve laboured for on earth, and will carry your name and works, even posthumously


In this life, there is always one thing that we have been created to achieve. Just as a pen is created to write, you as an individual have been created for a purpose, to create a solution here on earth.

  Just like the person who created electricity, solved major problems for the human race, in the past and even present, you have also been created to bring solutions to the world even in the most minute way. So, you need to discover what this problem is and pursue its solution diligently.

 It could be a talent that you’re building on, or a passion that you love and you’re pursuing, whatever the case may be, find your purpose and pursue it. Don’t live life in uncertainty, instead, build your purpose, and each day becomes something to look forward to, as you get closer and closer to the fulfilment of your purpose and at the end of life, you will be a most fulfilled person.

 No matter how successful you are, working for an individual, it is nothing to compare to creating a legacy for generations after you, just by pursuing your purpose


As religious as this may seem, there is no better life, than that which is lived in Christ Jesus.

 It is quite funny how many people believe that Christ may not exist or religion is just politics… well even if it is, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If everything Christians believe is not real, and you chose to believe it, you have no losses to count. However, if it is real, you have everything to gain!

 When I say you have nothing to lose, I mean, you will be living a life filled with; Peace, joy, genuine relationships  and a genuine life that is not only pleasing to God but also pleasing to the people around you, amongst others so there is absolutely nothing to lose from that lifestyle. 

When I say you have everything to gain,I mean living the best and most fulfilling life here on earth, and having assurance of life beyond this life. It all culminates in eternal life. 

How about you consider living a life for Christ, by first giving him and surrendering your life to him. You could begin by joining a church. There are so many online, especially in this pandemic. Take advantage of the opportunity. 😊

Alright awesome people, we have come to the end of this series and I am glad that I can finally round off. Hopefully there’s something here you will be willing to try out.

Thank you so much for always reading and I always look forward to your comments privately and publicly see you next time!

💗 Faith


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