HOW TO MAKE A FRIEND: EssyLorry Diaries- The Introvert

 Finally, today I saw Veronica in our young adults team meeting, she made a very good suggestion on what we should do for the potluck brunch that’s happening tomorrow. Her suggestion will make planning easier for everyone. She gave the best idea and I was simply amazed and how she could come up with something like that so easily. This is just one of the many reasons I would love to have a friend like her. I don’t see that happening anytime soon since we have never really spoken to each other

Those were the last words I wrote in my diary the previous night. I woke up early in the morning and prepared my dish for the event.

 The potluck was a successful event. It was done in our leader’s backyard. It was just for  the team, so there were not a lot of people there.

At the end of it all, everyone began to leave having one excuse or the other. Hardly anyone was staying behind to help clean up. I had a good reason to return home since I hadn’t  had enough time to work on a deadline for my job. Most of my time had been spent preparing the meal for the potluck and actually going for it. I however decided to stay back and help clean up, since no one else seemed willing to do so.

 Veronica also volunteered to stay and help clean up, just right before I walked up to the leader and his wife to tell them of my decision to stay and help clean up as well.  I was grateful Veronica had offered since it will make the work easier and faster, and I would have enough time to return to my work.

 We both worked in silence, as the owners of the house said their goodbyes to the other members of the team. There was a table that I knew needed carrying into the house. As much as I wanted to speak to Veronica and ask for help, I was just too shy to start a conversation, so I stood staring at the table wondering if I could use telekinesis to move it.

“Hey do you need some help? ” Veronica asked, coming up to me. It was the first time she was speaking to me.

“Yes please.” I responded, feeling relieved.

We were done cleaning up in less than 30 minutes. Our leader’s wife was so grateful that she handed us loads of the leftovers and drinks. I had a hard time carrying all the things that were given to me, but I accepted them anyway, since I wouldn’t have to make a meal till the end of the week.

I struggled as I walked towards the bus stop, then I heard Veronica calling out my name. I turned around to see her jogging towards me, surprised that she even had an idea of what my name was. She pushed up her glasses as she caught up with me, breathing hard.

“I see you are carrying quite a lot. Do you need help getting home?” She asked.

Her concern for others was one of the things that made me really want to have a friend like her. It was amazing to see someone who was caring to everyone; even people she didn’t know.

I tried to be modest by saying that ‘I’ll be fine’ since the bus stop wasn’t too far, but she insisted on helping, as she was driving. I thanked her, since that option was easier than the two different buses I had to get on to get home. I was grateful for her help. 

In the car we began to speak about the potluck, then about the team, then about our work and realised that we had so much in common. Veronica spoke up and told me how much she admired my heart for people. That surprised me, because it was exactly what I admired about her. 

She disclosed that she had wanted to speak to me for a while but she wasn’t sure how to approach me. It was ridiculous to me…I couldn’t imagine why anyone would find it difficult to approach me. I told her the same thing and she responded, that she couldn’t believe that anyone would think that way. We both laughed at the realization we thought the same of each other, and decided to be friends.

So, I realised that all my thoughts and fears about being friends with her were just illusions and unnecessary cares. I learnt that if I wanted to make a friend all I needed to do was to speak to them or start a conversation. Veronica I and became the best of friends after this…

…and that everyone, is how to make a new friend. 


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