Some 25 Things You Could Do, In Living This One life you’ve got: Stop existing and start living! {Pt.1}

Hello my lovely readers,

Hope youre having an awesome time in this beautiful summer season.

I recently turned 25- on the 1st of June, so I decided to give you 25 ‘living ideas’, as a birthday gift from me to you.

Some of these ideas can be monetized… some not so much, and others will definitely cost you some money…. so for each idea, I’ll post a symbol based on if you can monetize it, and I’ll tell you how.

Money making ideas: M+

Money Spending Ideas: M-


Holidays are always worth it

Whatever this is called in the country you reside, you should most certainly do it!

You literally have just one life to live and you plan to spend it cooped up in one area? The World literally has a surface area of 510.1million Km2. You can surely do better than the 4000km2 you’ve seen and experienced.

There are so many beautiful areas in the world. You certainly dont have to go everywhere or spend too much money, but at least attempt to 🤭

Start off with the beautiful ones closeby. Using google, there are certainly some beautiful places in the city you reside that will cause you 99% less than an international trip.

After that, you can decide to go on cross-country or interstate trips, using any means of transportation. Road trips with loved ones are the best! 👍🏽

Then next up would be; Visa-less International trips… That is, going to countries that dont require a visa.

You’ll be surprised the number of places you can travel to without a Visa, just check google, no matter your nationality. Start from countries within your region and closeby to you before expanding your reach to countries around the world.

Finally, invest in International trips and get a lifetime Experience in return. Oh the wonderful views and experiences that creation has to offer…

All you need to do is browse on the nice places you’ll like to go to [Google] , check out the cost, then start saving towards it.


There are so many choices of instruments that you could learn and master!

I did not put a symbol on this one, because  you might have to spend some money to learn this skill, and you could also  monetize it as well, by getting a job that  pays for it. (Like in a Church or a band…)

 The most popular instruments these days are the Keyboard and guitar.  The violin and saxophones are slowly rising in popularity.  Whatever instrument you decide to go with, it is important that you learn how to use at least one, to produce beautiful sounds in this lifetime.


It’s easy and fun

  It will be super sad if you leave the Earth and not drive a car at least once.  I know of a lot of people who think the bus systems in their city are much better than paying for a car and the insurance that comes with it, and thus decide never to learn to drive.  

There is no pressure to buy a car, but you should at least get a license, and prior to that, learn how to drive.  Imagine being in a situation that requires you to drive and just being helpless. (Say, on a road trip, with a friend who is driving, and that friend has some sort of panic attack or something…lol😂) 

It’s never too late and it’s pretty easy and fun to drive.  

Driving could also be monetized, by becoming a taxi driver or getting a driving job.  It’s however a skill that will inevitably cost you some money, and this is why I have not put a symbol with it.


At least one of them should be learnt

 I know a lot of people believe that these are mainly for children and teenagers,  but even at 25 I still cycle to work.

  In this pandemic situation, governments have been advising their citizens to cycle more and avoid buses. People are currently learning how to cycle, age notwithstanding. It’s  importance can therefore not be overemphasized.

 As for skateboarding and rollerblading,  they are very enjoyable and serve as a form of exercise.  It is therefore more gainful, than harmful to learn them. Contrary to the popular beliefs, as long as you’ve got a good back, you’re never too old to learn any of these.


Best feeling ever!

In this technological age, most people make money online, and one of the most popular ways to do this is via vlogging, most especially on YouTube.  I am a vlogger and it costs little to nothing to create a video. Instead, it is most enjoyable and kind of fulfilling. 

 It is one thing from which you can gain in every way.  There’s no reason for you not to vlog.  You can literally vlog about anything and everything, especially the things you’re interested in. 

 It’s also one way of becoming a celebrity without going through the rigour of releasing an album or acting in a movie, so think about it….

Here is the link to my vlog… PLEASE LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE

End of part 1

That is it for the Part 1 of these series!

Part 2 will be coming up soon. Please comment on which of these five you’ve done.

💗 Faith


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