Face Behind The Blog!

Hello My lovely readers,

As promised, we are restarting the Blog today.

In restarting and redefining this blog, I have decided to begin by introducing myself, seeing that I have not done so, for as long as I’ve begun this blog (in 2016). 

I hand sewed this outfit by the way😊

My name is Faith Adiorho Oghenefejiro, a Nigerian living in Manchester, UK.

I’m a blogger( apparently), an Author, a vlogger and a Support worker. 

I just recently became an author, by publishing my first book titled A Different Shade. 

It is on Amazon in paper back and E-copies.

Here it is… Free on Kindle unlimited

Please do well to buy you’re gonna love it. 

In this blog I believe that it can be easily relatable when there is a face behind the writeups… that is what has motivated my decision to finally show my face… Lol🙈

All up in your face.. lol

What am I going to be doing?…. Basically, I will be opening my heart, head, eyes and experiences to you, in written or video formats. I will ensure that it’s much more enjoyable and relatable….

So get ready to read, learn, have fun, and enjoy this blog…. If you  have any questions and suggestions about me or the blog, please comment down below, and I’ll do well to respond to your comments. 

Till next time…. 


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