“Pornography is a great sin. It is the fastest way to hell” Charles said.
“I don’t think it’s a sin. If it is, show me where it is in the bible that ‘Thou shall not watch porn’ eh… show me now” Dele said handing his phone over to Charles. His bible app was open on the phone.
Helen walked into the classroom, books tucked under her arms.
“Ehen, Helen, you are always forming spiro-koko for us, come and show me in the bible where it is written that we should not watch pornography.” Dele said smiling as if he had won the battle before it even begun.
Helen smiled and looked at him. “There was not even TV in the time of the bible” She said
“Help me tell our brother Charley oh. Pornography is not really a sin” Dele said glad he had gotten someone to support him.
“But do you know what is in the bible?” Helen continued, ignoring Dele’s comment. “Lust of the flesh, Lust of the eyes. Consider 1John 2:16-17, Romans 13:14 and a lot of other scriptures. Pornography is under both the lust of the eyes and of the flesh you know.” Dele looked dumbfounded at this new light.
“Okay, I’ve never seen it like that” Dele said and Charles nodded in agreement.
“Look, I’m not going to judge those that have issues with pornography…. I’ve had my fair share dealing with pornography.” Helen said.
“You?” Charles and Dele asked in unison, evidently surprised.
“What? I’m only human you know” Helen said rolling her eyes. She was a part of the chaplaincy and seemed to have a great relationship with God. “Ok let me tell you about it. I struggled with pornography till about 2 years ago.” She said.
“I had already given my life to Christ and I had a great relationship with God. I however found out that whenever I was alone and idle, I would take my phone, even if there was no internet, I would buy then log into pornography sites. I was of the opinion that I wasn’t doing anything wrong since I was ‘just watching.’ In a short while, I found myself trying everything to get the type of pleasure the porn stars were getting. I masturbated and sometimes I would do some other things just to get the pleasure I thought the porn starts had. Every single time I did this the end was always regret and pain. It felt like I was getting farther from God. I still tried justifying it saying that I wasn’t addicted, but only watched it when I was bored.
Then one day the saying that seemed too cliché to think on, hit me. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” It hit me so hard, because I realized that it was only when I was idle that I considered the thought of watching Porn. Then my Pastor said something profound, that ‘Sin thrives in Isolation.’ So I let people in on my secret and began to work on it. I made up my mind not to watch porn again, but after about 3 months, I fell and watched it once. After the spell was over, I almost hated myself for falling. I was angry with myself, but I rose up again and made the decision again not to ever watch Porn again. Since then I was careful about the movies I watched. I didn’t watch any movie that seemed to have some pornographic scenes and at a point I stopped watching movies for a while. I also was careful, never to be idle, especially when I was alone. I got busy enough, not to entertain such thoughts. God saw me through it and I was able to overcome it. Since then I haven’t watched any pornography and my life became easier and free from demonic oppression.
Do you know that it was when I stopped watching porn that I realized that I no longer had all the bad dreams I used to have? I feel like it releases a spirit of torment to the viewers. So they get pleasure the moment they are watching, and torment, the next.
So, porn is not only about lust of the eyes and flesh, it affects your walk with God, grieves the Holy Spirit and makes you susceptible to sins like fornication. It messes with your emotions, feelings and even mental health. It messes up God’s temple.
If you look at it like this, you will find out that in watching porn, you are doing much more than watching a normal movie. It affects your spirit, soul and body.” Helen concluded.
“Wow!!” Charles said. “This is way better than telling people that they will go to hell if they watch porn. It’s just like cigarette. The bible doesn’t say, don’t smoke cigarette, but it does say that we should keep his temple, which is our bodies holy. Cigarette destroys the lungs and even on the pack it is written that smokers are liable to die young. The bible doesn’t state the fact that it’s a sin, but if you trace it, it’s a sin of disobedience. Instead of keeping God’s temple holy, you are destroying it.” Charles stated.
Dele looked like he was trying to process all the information he was hearing. Helen put her hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult. The revelation comes from constant study of the word. For now, just abstain from such acts. You will find out that it’s very easy with the help of the Holy Spirit.” She said.
“I know, I’m just glad that I heard this now. I was thinking back in retrospect to all the things I have done against God’s will. I always had a justification for it, claiming that it’s not a sin, since it’s not stated in the bible. Thank you so much for this. From now on before I justify any act, I will check with the Holy Spirit and seek out God’s word first, not just for the letters written, but for the revelation from what is written.”


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