The most frequently asked question by single Christian youth is that of….
This question is almost never answered. People find themselves too embarrassed to ask or answer the question. A lot of Christian youth therefore shy away from asking and just do it anyway, because everyone else is doing it.
The question people rarely ever ask is that of… “Who invented kissing?” or “What is the purpose of kissing?”
Once the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.

Well, I have been curious about these questions for a while.
Doing a research on the history of kissing from the bible, it can easily be said that the first reference to a kiss in the Bible may have come when God breathe into the first human being. That was when Adam was created, as seen in Genesis 2:7 [And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being]
The first literal reference to kissing in the bible was in Genesis 27:26 [Then his father Isaac said to him, “Come near now and kiss me, my son.]
However, the first mention of a kiss between a man and a woman in the bible dates back to the old testament where Jacob used this symbol of affection to his future wife Rachel (Genesis 29:11) we were not told what type of kiss it was, but we know from this that kissing is not a modern day act, but it dates back to the old testament.
According to, “Kisses in the Bible have the power to cheer, the power to hurt, and the power to strengthen or to murder. They can sometimes signify death or symbolize life. The best one, however, is the one that says, “Thank you,” or “You are special,” or “I love you.”
Kissing in the bible was meant to show affection. However the devil cam to pervert all the good things God made. Therefore, he made the beautiful act of kissing into a bridge to fornication. That should not be the case.
Having the right mentality of the purpose of kissing might change your life forever. Maybe it will make Christians to stop sitting back and judging others.
The only time kissing should be a bridge to sex is when it between a man and woman under the covenant of marriage. However I am of the opinion that it can also be a means to show affection between a couple in courtship.
This is unique to different relationships. If you are in a relationship and you know that the very act of kissing will mean more than a show of affection and it will lead to fornication, then you should make a decision with your partner to hold it off till you are married, lest the devil leads you into sin.
In conclusion, there is a balance. For singles, the act of ‘Kissing’ is either a show of affection or a bridge on the pathway to the sin of fornication. I will advise singles to abstain from it, as the devil can use this beautiful thing as a weapon for Christian singles to fall into sin.Check your heart before engaging in the act, since it is double sided.
Kissing is most dangerous to singles and most beautiful to married couple. Just the same way sex is a blessing in marriage and it’s purpose is for procreation and bonding in marriage, it is also a sin when it is practiced out of marriage, because its purpose is for fun and ecstasy.
The next time the question crosses your mind, “Is Kissing a sin?” Ask yourself, ‘What is the purpose of this act I’m about to engage in.’ Then ask the Holy Spirit. He will definitely give you the right guidance.
Question: Is Sex a sin?
Answer: YES and NO
Question: Is Kissing a sin?
Answer: YES and NO
Kindly Share your thoughts and contributions. Thank you.

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