HOW TO MAKE A FRIEND: EssyLorry Diaries- The extrovert

So diary, I saw that noisy girl again in church today. She just wouldn’t stay still. She seems to know everyone in church and it honestly gets on my nerves. I feel like people like her would gossip about every single person they meet. I don’t think I would want a friend like that. She’s just too much.

Those were the last words I wrote in my diary the night before the  gathering at Veronica’s house. It was a public holiday that Monday, so she was holding a get-together in her house, where all her friends from church and work could unwind and get to know each other.

As expected, the annoying girl was there, and as usual she was talking to everyone and anyone that cared to listen. I wondered how anyone could speak for so long without getting tired. 

Everything changed, when Veronica decided to make a speech in the middle of the meeting. She began to speak about this person whose name I discovered to be Maelle. She spoke about how Maelle was there for her through the time that she went through a most difficult phase, that almost led to depression and suicidal thoughts. 

“She was always there to offer kind words of wisdom and help me through things that nobody could have figured I was going through at the time. Maelle had me all figured out , and she helped me through it by pointing me in the direction of God’s word.” Veronica explained.

 I was very surprised at this. Maelle did not look like someone who was capable of giving any wise words. It wasn’t until Veronica asked her to speak, that I heard her speak in the most humbling way. She even said some words that I could relate to on a deeper level. I was amazed at how she could speak so widely and articulately despite the fact that she always seemed to be talking. I began to study her for the rest of the gathering and I noticed that, in all the conversations that she was having with different groups, she never spoke about anybody else, aside her experiences and every other thing that was helpful and uplifting.

 I realised that I had completely misjudged her. Fortunately for me, she came up to me at the end of the evening and introduced herself. I did the same, and that was the beginning of our friendship. I eventually asked for her number just because I was eager to get to know her more than what I saw on the surface level.

 I was ashamed of myself for judging her without knowing her and I wanted to make up for that, and experience the beautiful friendship she had with Veronica as well.

Since I was quite a reserved and quiet person, she brought the fun and joy to our friendship. Even in my most sad moments, she always has a word of encouragement and never once have I heard her speak bad about anybody.

As we grew closer, weeks after the get-together, I discovered that I have never had any friend like her. She became a light and a joy in my life, in contrast to the noisy disturbance I thought she would be.

 I eventually told her what my initial impression about her was, and she laughed it off saying, she ‘gets that a lot’ but those who eventually get to know her always have a different testimony.

  I love that she is my friend, and I am glad I didn’t stick with my first impression of her. I would have missed out on the most blissful friendship ever.

Right now, Veronica, Maelle and I are an unbreakable trio.


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