Hi Guys!! The Written Faith Website is back and better!

It’s so great to be back!!!
It’s been a while but we hope to serve you better with this rebranded site.

For those who are visiting TWF for the first time, this is a website/blog/ vlog/everything you want it to be…

It’s main focus is on stories, fictional and nonfictional…other things such as comedy, vlogs, DIYs are additions… We hope for you to have a good read, and be inspired whilst enjoying the read.

The site is still undergoing the rebranding process and we appreciate any suggestions and critics from you.

Simply click the “Contact Us” button on the top menu of the page and send us your suggestions. We will be sure to put it into consideration.
Expect nothing but the best from this site!We are set to blow your mind with our amazing contents.
We appreciate you all for your patience and suggestions to us during the rebranding processes.


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