Hey guys... I'm going to be starting a new series titled The Black Duchess. It is a historical fictional series, with a strong black female lead.... I hope... Haha... I'll be writing each chapter and going along the journey with you... Most of the series will not follow a storyline, even though it'll be the... Continue Reading →

HOW TO MAKE A FRIEND: EssyLorry Diaries- The Introvert

 Finally, today I saw Veronica in our young adults team meeting, she made a very good suggestion on what we should do for the potluck brunch that’s happening tomorrow. Her suggestion will make planning easier for everyone. She gave the best idea and I was simply amazed and how she could come up with something... Continue Reading →

Some 25 Things You Could Do, In Living This One life you’ve got: Stop existing and start living! {Pt.5}

Hello my wonderful readers I'm back again with final five things you should definitely do in this life that you've got…  so enjoy... 🤗 21.) Build Lasting Friendships Proverbs 418 gems, my previous amazing friendship group before moving to the new city      This is one important thing in life that we shouldn't take for granted.... Continue Reading →

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