Saturday, 20th February 2016

Today was a beautiful day. Because of how late we closed at the workers ‘Home training’ yesterday, I slept late and woke up by 9am. I woke up with Joy and a new song in my heart to God. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I did my devotion and took out the book where I wrote notes down yesterday.




Foul language


Intruding in privacy




Mutual trust


Friendly to friends and family

Seeking counsel from mentors

I didn’t have any meeting today, so I did my chores and did a lot of praying and studying and fellowshipped with God. Later in the afternoon I got a text from Ken, asking if 5pm is okay for the dinner date, in an eatery close to my house. I texted him saying it was fine by me.

Although it seemed like things were happening too fast, I had this peace in my inner man. I just knew it was going to be fine.

I wore a body-con gown and went out by 5pm for the date. As usual, Ken was already seated in the eatery. He smiled as soon as he saw me and complimented me. I returned the smile and sat opposite him. He looked really handsome. I smiled as I thought to myself…. “My handsome BOYFRIEND”

We placed orders for food and spoke about our day. He expressed how much he had been looking forward to seeing me again, since I left his office. When I asked him why, he claimed that he just wanted to be with me. I smiled and rolled my eyes playfully. We spoke about random things, and to my surprise it wasn’t awkward…. Until…. He suggested that we exchange our ‘Dos and don’ts’

I was really shy about some things in my list, so I sheepishly handed over to him, and collected his own. To my utmost amazement, the first ‘don’t’ on his list was SEX…. Written in capital letters. I smiled amidst how sheepish I felt. I was glad we had the same ideals. The rest of the list was almost similar to mine. He however had an issue with one of my “don’ts”


He questioned why I didn’t want to. I told him that it was almost similar to sex. He seemed to disagree with that idea. To him it was just a normal way of showing affection, like holding hands. He claimed that it was definitely not a sin before God.

I explained to him that it was a big deal for me, as it has always been one of the things that ignited sexual desires in me. He raised an eyebrow as if he was surprised at what I said. I felt embarrassed under his questioning gaze. I began to wonder if he had ever kissed anyone before. I didn’t bother asking because I knew about his past. He had definitely kissed a lot. Although he didn’t seem convinced, he agreed to do as I wished.

We later moved on to other less embarrassing topics. I loved the part of his list that stated ‘PRAY TOGETHER AND FOR EACH OTHER’ I was impressed by his list. It seemed so surreal that a man like him existed.

We left the eatery by 7pm. I really didn’t want to go but, I had to be in church by 7am tomorrow. We hugged each other and went our separate ways.

As soon as I got back home, I laid on my bed and began to daydream. I stayed like that for almost 30 minutes before getting up and getting all my things ready for tomorrow. I did my night devotion with a grateful heart…. Full of thanks to God for Ken.

Good night diary.















That was the list I came up with this morning after my devotion. I woke up quite early this morning and spent a lot of time praying, studying and declaring the word. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her and getting excited…… she is my girlfriend…..

I recalled that we didn’t discuss the time of the dinner and so I sent her a text message asking her if 5pm would be fine by her. When she replied in the affirmative, I rejoiced within. I am just too excited about Moyin.

I got to the eatery ten minutes earlier but I didn’t mind.  Moyin on the other hand, arrived ten minutes later. I saw her walk into the eatery looking gorgeous. I noticed that a couple of heads turned in her direction. I smiled feeling a bit proud as she spotted me and walked towards me. Although I tried not to think in a carnal way, I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful figure in the body-fitted gown she had on.

I told her that she looked amazing and she smiled…. (Blushed). We had a good time chatting about random things. Later on that evening, I asked for her list as I had been very eager to see it. She looked shy as she slowly handed me the paper. I gave her mine as well and waited for her to go through it before reading the list in my hand. The list was perfect but for one thing…..


It was the first thing I saw on the list. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I just felt it was a way of showing affection. When I mentioned it to her, she insisted that it was one of her greatest temptations as relating to sexual desires.

I was surprised to hear that. I had kissed a couple of girls when I was in the world. Usually on the first date, I would kiss them to show that I was interested in another date or in “other things”.  I had never felt tempted to have sex because of a kiss….

Well now, I am a believer with a renewed mind and I am not the old man I used to be.  I decided to learn new things and agree with her principles…. I really hoped to prove her wrong later though.

We had a good time after that conversation and we left the eatery by 7pm. I went home and gave glory to God.

Good night diary

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