I hope you are not wearing heels because your leg is about to shake this morning. Many of you are married or got into marriage with a lie which states “I can change or control a man” before you met him he had 5 girlfriends but your game was tight so he dumped all of them and focused on you but from time to time, you catch him cheating or you see a lipstick in his car and he tells you it’s lip balm 😂😂😂 and then he assures you that it’s just a weakness he is dealing with.
Few months later he gets down on one knee and proposes, of course you cry and then you hug him and from that moment you expect to live happily ever after. STOP! That’s the reality you painted but it’s a lie! One thing I know about marriage is that if you have any unresolved issues or weakness you were dealing with before marriage, marriage will amplify it.
A lion is not attracted to grass, a cheating man is what he is, a cheating man! A man who doesn’t want to be kept can never be kept if you like suspend from the ceiling or kako bi chicken or sun gbalaja, give him everything in kamasutra, feed him, kneel down from the kitchen to his room, give him $10 million, a cheating irresponsible man will never change!

However for a good man you don’t even have to do anything, a man can marry a monster and still be faithful so for all you women who think your snooping and spying can stop anything it cant!
Marriage is for grown ups! Don’t marry a baby, you will have to baby sit him forever, it is not your village people, it’s common sense! If you see anything you don’t like in a man when you met him, it won’t change! Decide what you can cope with and then say “yes” if there is anything you can’t cope with, end it.

I know you are holding something to keep you from falling right now. May you hug common sense this morning in Jesus name.
You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus –


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