Wednesday 10th February 2016

Today was the big Date…. I woke up overly excited. I went to work and my excitement knew no bounds. I kept telling myself to remain calm, that it’s just a date and not a proposal. I left work early and went home to prepare for the date. Ken had told me the location yesterday at the midweek service in church. It was quite an expensive restaurant. I just decided to act cool like it was no big deal.

Well… I deserve such a treat *smiley face*.

I put on my favorite gown. Though it was very decent, it still had the capacity to turn heads. By the time I got to the restaurant it was already 5:27 pm. I sighed as I walked in. I looked around for ken but didn’t find him.  An empty table caught my eyes. It had roses and candles all over it. It was apparent that someone wanted to propose in a very romantic way. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I began to wish it was my proposal that was taking place. One of the waiters confirmed my name and told me follow him. I followed him up the stairs of the restaurant and he took me to the table where Ken was already seated.  It had a very beautiful view. I apologized for arriving late and commended the restaurant. It was really high class. I told him about the table I saw. I was certain someone was going to propose. He didn’t seem keen about discussing about the table so I changed the topic.

It was quite fun. We had time to discuss our goals, even relationship goals. The food was delicious. I made sure I ate rice and fish. That was the simplest thing to eat without fear of food embarrassment. He ordered the same thing and we drank a non-alcoholic wine.  At a moment of silence he said.

‘I really like you’

I didn’t even know how to react I just pretended like I didn’t hear him. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I stared down at my food. I thought he would say it again and emphasize. He however did not. In a short-while we were discussing something else. The evening went by too fast. We decided to leave by 7. I noticed that the proposal table was almost cleared out as we were leaving. I wondered if anyone had actually proposed. I just assumed that it had happened before I arrived.

Ken followed me to where my car was packed and we hugged. He smelt so good…. I waved him goodbye as he watched me drive off.

A few minutes after I arrived at home, I got a message from Ken asking if I had gotten home safely.  I sent a text that I had indeed gotten home safely and also appreciated him for the date. I took a shower and sat down to do my night time with God. I was almost distracted as my mind kept replaying when Ken had told me he liked me. I wondered what he meant. If it was the kind of like I really wanted or if he just liked my personality. When I saw that I had not been concentrating on the bible in front of me, I decided to take my thoughts to God in prayer, asking him to make it clearer for me. I really wanted to understand where things were going with Ken and I.

Well I still can’t seem to get this date out of my head.

Good night diary.



Tuesday 9th February 2016.

Today was a great day. I woke up knowing I had plans to make. I had to create an impression in Moyin’s mind so it has to be the best date ever. I called up the manager of one of the best restaurants in Abuja. I was privileged to have his number because our company was helping the owner of the restaurant build other branches across the city. I had visited the restaurant a couple of times to examine the expected standard. The first time I had visited it, I had thought of it as the best place to bring a lady if you wanted to get her to fall for you and get her in your bed. I never got the chance to take any lady there before I gave my life to Christ. Even in my backslidden state, I hadn’t seen any lady that was worth taking there. Most ladies were ready to get in bed with me just for my looks and money. Even my previous girlfriend had not seemed worth taking to a place like that. I never took her there.

Now that I am born again, I see the restaurant as a place to take a good lady for a good treat. A lady that can appreciate all that the restaurant had to offer.

I just knew Moyin would love it.

The manager, a French man, was excited when I told him that I was coming with a lady and he assured me that he will make it perfect for me. I thanked him and anticipated the date. I committed all my plans to God. I hope I am doing the right thing and if there is a future in this, I pray it all works out.

After church that evening, I saw Moyin at the foyer. She smiled sweetly as she saw me approach her. I was mesmerized by her smile and had to mentally hit myself when I realized that I had been staring for a few seconds without saying anything. After exchanging pleasantries, I told her about the venue and she seemed okay with it. She was in a hurry for her meeting with the other ushers so she had to leave. She told me she looked forward to the date. I got home and prayed about it again. I hope it all goes well.

Good night diary.

Wednesday, 10th February, 2016

Today was a great day. I had a regular work day signing papers and reading memos. It was quite boring, but I was diligent about it. I drove down to the restaurant by 4:45 to see what the manager had prepared for the date and make sure it was good enough.

To my surprise, the manager overdid it. He scattered petals of roses all around the table and put a lot of scented candles all around the table. It almost looked like a shrine. I had to hold myself from laughing. I just told him to give me a different table upstairs…. far away from that table so that Moyin won’t suspect a thing. He apologized and took me to a table on the first floor of the restaurant, next to the transparent glass wall that overlooked the major road and other buildings outside the restaurant.  It seemed perfect, so I thanked him and told him Moyin’s name, asking him to tell any of his staff to watch for any beautiful lady coming into restaurant, affirm her name, then guide her to the table.

It was 5:30pm when Moyin arrived and she looked super-amazing. She apologized for coming late and commended my choice of restaurant. She made some comments about a table on the ground floor claiming that she was certain that someone was going to propose. I knew she was talking about the table the manager had prepared for us, so I did my best to avoid the topic. I didn’t have to tell her the true story. I was glad I had changed tables. I was happy she didn’t dwell on the topic and spoke about something else instead.

It was a wonderful evening. We discussed about our goals. The most interesting goals was relationship goals. We spoke on our expectations for our relationships as well as the structures and strategies we would put in place in order to have a successful relationship whenever we have one.

The food was good, the atmosphere was great and I couldn’t resist telling her that I liked her. She seemed surprised and unsure. I thought it was apparent that I liked her. She just stared at her food and in a short while, we changed the topic.

I have a feeling she didn’t take me seriously. It was probably because I said it so casually. Although I enjoyed every minute of the date, I had to be time-conscious so as not to keep her out too late. By 7:00pm, we rounded off the date and left the restaurant. I really wished we could drag on. In fact the old me would have begun the date by 10pm and rounded it off in my room. Now, I knew I had to change a lot of policies. I followed Moyin to her car, where we hugged and waved each other goodbye. I watched her drive off before walking over to my car and driving home.

I wasn’t so sure of what next to do. I knew that principles and modes of operation in the kingdom was different from that of the world. I just decided to send her a text as soon as I got home, asking her if she had gotten home safely. She replied the affirmative an thanked me again for a ‘wonderful evening’

I took a while to thank God for a successful day and asked for direction on the next step to take.

Good night diary.

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