My spiritual parents, Pastor Biodun (PB) and Pastor Modele (PMO) Fatoyinbo recently celebrated 20 years of marriage and they are a huge inspiration to all of us especially my wife and I. Today I will be sharing on what I learnt from them about marriage.

1. Make sure your wife is your bestfriend: PB and PMO are best of friends, they are almost always together. PB told me once “I can pick it when PMO doesn’t like something even if she doesn’t react” they are that close.

2. Involve your wife in your business: PB always tells me “there is no one you can trust better than your wife, she is the only one who has your best interest at heart” PB and PMO work together and it’s one of the reasons COZA is a trailblazer.

3. Never make a decision unless you and your wife agree: PB and PMO always agree and he wouldn’t take a decision without both of them being in agreement

4. Pray together: PB and PMO are legendary for their prayer life. He has a saying “couples who pray together, stay together”

5. Humility and submission: PB and PMO are one of the most humble couples ever. PMO would tell you that “I honour my husband because the role of a husband is an office that God ordained” nobody honors PB better than PMO.

6. Be each other’s cheerleader: the greatest fan of PB is PMO. PMO will tell you “nobody can tell me my husband is not anointed because I was there from the very beginning”

7. Be a pastor to your wife: PB tells me “always share the Word with your wife, teach her from the bible” I learnt that a man must be a dominant voice in the life of his wife.

There are many more but we will stop here. PB and PMO are the best marriage mentors my wife and I could ever have and the truth is our marriage is in place because of them. We love you and celebrate you once again.

You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus

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