As Christian singles, we might get to a point in our lives where nothing seems to make sense….

You have been keeping the principles of God, or even “Keeping yourself” for your husband, and yet you are “running late” and all your friends who don’t even follow these principles keep getting married…. At a particular point in your life, you might begin to feel disillusioned and even tempted to go against all you believe in order to “enjoy” what you feel the world is enjoying…

Hold on a little… I have a book I could recommend for you, that will provide answers to all the questions you feel like you can’t find the answers to….. I promise you that after you read it, you will have the right perspective and understanding of who you are, and how to maximize your single life in Christ while you are in waiting… The name of this book is…

CAN I BE MARRIED ALREADY by Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu

I was privileged to be one of the first few people to lay hands on this book and honestly, it blew my mind. It’s a book every single person should have, whether you are in a relationship or not.

As a single Christian person, I could totally relate with everything written in it… There had been times when I had to ask myself questions like… “When will he show up?” “Is he worth the wait?” and many other questions I’m sure you ask as well.

This book gave me a deeper insight, as to how to love where I’m at, what to do in waiting, as well as the hope for a great tomorrow. Trust me on this you will find yourself in this book and you will be able to relate with the examples given, just like I did.


This book touches every aspect of being a single Christian, from the beautifully unique definition of what it means to be single, to how to enjoy your single season this book captures what to do during the time of waiting before marriage.

It has seven chapters, with an introduction and conclusion that will definitely answer all your questions and concerns and equip you live life to the fullest while in waiting.

The author carefully uses scriptures, personal experiences and other experiences to give us a clear picture of what God expects from single Christians and how we can enjoy being single before and after Mr./Miss Right comes along. Every single chapter in this book is interesting and juicy enough to keep you glued to the end. It will definitely bless you and keep you in line with God’s word and principles as a husband/wife in waiting.

My favorite parts of the book were ones on “The lies the devil tell about being single” and the entire Chapter titled “HOLY AND HORNY.” That is, a section where the author carefully takes time to point out the several lies the devil tells us in our single lives….. when you read it, you will discover how many you can absolutely relate to. The chapter on Holy and horny, was a very honest chapter about sex which is the most avoided topic amongst Christians…. Not denying the facts about the beautiful act of sex, the author sets a perspective about it and the principles of God’s word pertaining to it.

Trust me this is a book you want to take out time to read. Even for the “Not-so-single” peeps. That is those in a relationship or courtship in preparation for marriage. You definitely want to read this. There are a lot of juicy words for you in this book as well, so that your relationship can be pleasing to God.

Here is a list of chapters contained in the books and their titles.

Chapter 1: Help!!! I’m still single

Chapter 2: I deserve to be married too, or don’t I?

Chapter 3: Overcoming the temptation to fear and fret

Chapter 4: What to do until love finds you

Chapter 5: Holy and horny

Chapter 6: For the unmarried but not-so-single

Chapter 7: Defeating couple envy

The writer has been so kind and has given a free chapter, which can be found by following this link

However, you can get the book here

Don’t for get to download your FREE CHAPTER


Read it and thank me later,

I celebrate you.


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