Monday, 1st February 2016

Today was amazing. I went to work excited and in anticipation for today’s outing. I usually closed from work by 4pm but today I was delayed by pot-bellied Solomon, who gave me a long talk on all I was going to be missing out by not responding to him. I would have walked out on him, if not that he was leaning against the door and I just couldn’t leave my office without locking up.

Apparently, he wasn’t over me yet. He began to make a lot of irritating statements. The most infuriating one was when he told me that I was too picky and that I might not get married if I let him go. At that point I had to walk him out of my office.

As soon as he left I began to declare words against what he just spoke to me. I rushed home, took a quick shower, threw on one of my favorite tops and a denim trouser and went off to the park.

I was an hour late by the time I got there. Ken was waiting patiently and I had to apologize for the delay.

We had a blast!

I had so much fun, from the crazy rides to the romantic ones and even fun games, I enjoyed every bit. I couldn’t resist my craving for chocolate and candy so I helped myself to a lot of them.

We stayed at the park for about two hours before finally going to our houses. I made sure I sent him a text of appreciation and he replied that he hadn’t had this much fun in years and thanked me for making his day wonderful.

I was excited and my heart seemed to be beating at a faster rate anytime I thought of him. I made sure that I put him in prayer this night. I wasn’t sure yet if he was ‘the one’ but I prayed for God’s will to be done in our lives.

It seems like my prayer request from the 12 Days of Glory program might be answered soon.



Monday, February 1st 2016

Today was just simply amazing. I already have feelings for Moyin and I am unapologetic about it. I went to the office early. Dad had told me to represent him in a meeting as he is not in Nigeria. The meeting was long and boring, full of men who apparently wanted the ongoing project to favour their pockets and thought little of the company. They kept on trying to shut me up but I insisted on correcting the clause that made the ongoing project an exploitative one. They all seemed so surprised that I had seen the clause and not just signed the proposal in place of my dad. Well the ‘previous me’ would have been that careless, but now I am a different. I had spent some time last night going through the proposal and saw a lot of things in it that might be detrimental to the reputation of the company, if discovered by the clients.

I told them to rewrite the proposal and correct all the tricky clauses. Though they complained, I was in charge and I was not ready to change my mind. The meeting ended by 12 and I had enough time to go and prepare for my date.

Though our date was by 4pm Moyin arrived by 5pm, apologizing and explaining that someone in her office delayed her movement and she had gone home to get some casual clothes suitable for an amusement park. I didn’t mind. I was just glad she came.

We had fun as we almost went on all the rides in the park and talked all the way. It was 7pm when we decided to leave. Though I wasn’t eager to leave I knew it wasn’t right for a lady to be out this late.

I asked for another friendly date some other time and she agreed that it would be great. She sent me a text around 8pm thanking me for a great day and how much fun she had. I replied her with a much more ecstatic text, saying that it’s the best fun I have had in years.

I can’t seem to get her out of my mind and I wonder where this is going. I am not sure if I am spiritually mature enough to enter any relationship since it has been about six months since I gave my life to Christ. I am not sure I know how to handle a Christian relationship but I pretty sure it will be absolutely different from the previous ones I had while I was in the ‘world.’

I really do like Moyin and she seems pretty interested in me, but I think I should give some space before jumping into anything, so that I don’t pull her back in the Christian walk. I will just try to avoid her for a while and work radically on building myself and measure up to someone she can be in a relationship with.

I have a feeling that if I don’t avoid her for a while I might just fall deep in love with her and forget about a lot of principles……. Well, let the Holy Spirit take control.

Good night diary.

Sunday, 7th February 2016

It’s been a long tough week for me. From Tuesday morning I had begun praying, reading books, focusing on the ongoing project in the company and yet I couldn’t get Moyin Off my mind for a minute. It was like a photograph of her smiling face was hung in my mind. I made sure not to pass the entrance here she served during the midweek service, but could not avoid watching her from far. She always looked gorgeous as she smiled to members passing through her entrance.

We hadn’t spoken since Monday night. I didn’t call and to my surprise she didn’t either.

I guess she isn’t so much as interested in me as I thought.

Today, I decided to pass through the entrance she served. She gave me a sweet smile and said ‘I celebrate you Sir.’ Just the same way she greeted everyone else. I managed to smile back and went into the auditorium. I almost lost concentration in church as I kept wondering.

Maybe I had imagined that she had interest in me. After the service I didn’t see her. She wasn’t where she usually was after service. I didn’t understand what was going on but I decided to take out the rest of the day to pray, study and meditate on it God’s word and seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel on this issue.

I did all those as soon as I got home. While I was meditating I began to hear the voice of my spirit. I had read the book ‘How to be led by the Spirit of God’ by Kenneth Hagin and several other books on the Holy Spirit so I definitely knew the voice of my spirit man, who gets information from the Spirit of God.

I guess avoiding her wasn’t the best option.

Well for now good night.

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