Saturday 23rd January 2016

Dear diary

I THINK I LIKE KEN…. I don’t have enough time to write about it. I am in Dubai and we are doing a lot making sure the program goes well. I have barely known ken for up to 2 weeks but I really do think I am developing feelings for him. He paid for my flight and that of my sister…. FIRST CLASS!!! Well that’s not the amazing thing, he is such a gentleman….and very fun to be with we didn’t blink our eyes to sleep throughout the journey.

We spoke for a very long time. We spoke about our previous experiences. He was like every other university student before giving his life to Christ. I couldn’t reconcile the person I was talking to with the person he claimed he was. He told me how God has been working in him and how he planned to be a giant, moving the kingdom. I also told him about my boring life and how I had lived in religion for the major part of my life before actually gaining understanding and rededicating my life to Christ.

He had a good laugh when I told him that I practiced everything I was told just because I didn’t want to go to hell or make God angry. I told him of how I had engaged in the 40 days fasting in my previous church. I did not have a job then, as I had just finished from school, so for each day I slept for the major part of the day and went to church in the evening to ‘break my fast.’ We chatted about many other ridiculous things we had done in religion before gaining an understanding. After we left the airport for our reserved lodges, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

I saw him this morning during the all-white Yatch party and took several pictures with him, before my friends in the church’s workforce came to pull me for more work in preparation for the program. I really did feel like spending more time with him, even if it was just to talk….

I have to go now…

Its almost time for the evening program…

Happy Birthday to my Senior pastor……

Bye diary.



Sunday, 31st January 2016

Dear diary,

It’s been quite a while since I wrote on you… I got really busy since the last time. Let me summarize all that happened since the 17th of this month. I went ahead and paid for three first class seats going to Dubai and I sowed 10 tickets to members of the church. Moyin was surprised when I called her up and told her about the first class seats.

Well, we went together. It was an amazing flight and we chatted all through, whilst her sister slept all the way. It was fun as we had about 7 hours getting to know each other. Speaking of our previous experiences and our future plans.  I discovered that she is so focused, goal oriented and yet so free. I easily could loosen up with her, so much that I told her a bit about my past. I told her some of the crazy things I did with friends before giving my life to Christ. I kind of expected her to judge me, but to my greatest surprise she laughed at everything and kept on saying ‘Thank God for the free gift of salvation.’ She joked that if people had to pay for salvation she could only imagine what I will have to pay.

We barely saw each other through the time in Dubai, as she was really busy working and helping out with the program. I saw her at a particular time when we went for the all-white yatch party. We took a couple of pictures before her group of friends came to whisk her away. The whole celebration in Dubai was a blast. There was also the birth of the Dubai branch of our church… I am really eager to see this vision fulfilled. I will make sure I participate in all the activities relating to this vision.

Since I booked a return ticket, I went together with Moyin and her sister, Moyo. It was even better than the journey to Dubai. We were able to talk about all that happened in the program and our expectations for the Dubai church. We spoke for about an hour before she dozed off. I could understand that she was tired, since she had been working all through.

We got home on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I got a text of appreciation from Moyin.  It was like a very long epistle from her thanking me for the flight ticket and for making the journey fun. I just sat back and read it word for word, over and over. I might just be falling for her…..

I was careful not to call her through the week. I just sent her a text acknowledging that I received her text and told her I enjoyed the journey with her as well.

Today, I went to church and saw her as usual at her duty post. We shook hands and smiled and she thanked me again.

I wonder if that is the way she will keep thanking me….. I guess it’s a Yoruba thing… lol.

I wish she will just wave it off.

After the service I sought her out before she went for her appraisal. I found her at a corner I church sitting all alone in deep thought. When I greeted her, she seemed so happy to see me. She was about to thank me when I stopped her and told her about the famous amusement park that she had told me about, and asked her if she will like to go with me sometime….. Just for the fun of it. She thought about it and said she would love to. She claimed that it would be fun to go with someone fun, rather than going alone.  We decided that we would go tomorrow by 4pm. I succeeded in hiding my excitement till I got to the car.

I look forward to tomorrow…

I need to sleep now.

Good night diary.




Sunday 31st January 2016

Dear diary

Sorry I haven’t been to faithful writing in you….   I returned from Dubai on Tuesday. Ken and I only spoke for a few minutes before I embarrassingly dozed off on the plane.  I couldn’t stop thinking about him throughout the week. I sent him a really long text on Wednesday showing my gratitude. He texted me back saying he enjoyed the trip, but he didn’t call or text after that.

I began to pray about and seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel on the feelings I was developing. I couldn’t tell if  I was just attracted to his physical attributes (He is just my perfect type) or if I was having this feelings from deep within, beyond physical attraction.

Today, I went to church expecting to see him. He always passed through the door I was assigned to. My heart did a flip flop when I saw him. He looked really good. I held all the envelopes in one hand and shook his hand and thanked him again for the trip. He gave me a look that insisted that I should stop thanking him.

After the service I went to the corner of the church to meditate on the powerful message of the service. Ken came up to me and my heart began to beat faster. I was about to thank him for the trip again, when he cut me short and spoke about the new amusement park that I have been wanting to go to. I haven’t gone there because I felt it would be boring to go alone (I told him about it on our plane ride.)

He offered to go with me to the park. I was about to shout ‘yes!’ excitedly but held it in, took a while to seemingly think about it then I agreed. We planned to go tomorrow when there wouldn’t be so much crowd in the park.

I wonder if he likes me.

I doubt that he does…… he might just be really kind to me or something…… I prayed for God’s leading.

Good night diary


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