Friday 15TH January 2016

Dear diary,

I went to work with Joy this morning. I just kept replaying the events of yesterday evening in my head. I thanked God again for sending me that timely help yesterday.

Work just went on as usual today till, Pot-bellied Solomon came to my office. (I gave him that nick name because of his large stomach.) He had asked me out throughout the first half of last year but he is apparently not my type. My heart however skipped a beat when he dropped his wedding invitation card on my desk. I congratulated him with a fake smile and almost began to question God as soon as he left my office. How come I couldn’t even find a partner and the most unlikely people were getting married all around. I was almost depressed the whole day, till I went for workers meeting in church.

Pastor Biodun appreciated all our efforts during the 12 day program and poured out blessings on us. The prophecy that really hit home was when he said, ‘As many as are single and are searching for their spouses, by this time next year you will already be married.’ I shouted ‘Amen’ the loudest.

After the meeting, I was on my way out when I saw Kennedy (The guy that helped me yesterday). He was looking really good in his corporate wear.  I wondered if he had joined the workforce. He explained to me that he had told his friends that he was coming to Church and he did so in order to avoid lying. He did not want to sin against God. I laughed my heart out. This was the first time I had heard of that kind of thing… lying and then fulfilling the lie to make it the truth.  I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing continuously. I quickly rounded up the conversation thanking him for his kind gestures yesterday and waved him goodbye. I went to the car and continued laughing. I wonder why he didn’t collect my number. Too bad… it will be nice to go out with someone like that.

Good night diary.

Sunday 17th January 2016

Dear diary,

Today was a great day. Service was amazing. It was our praise and love Sunday service. It is my favorite service in the month. Pastor Biodun’s birthday celebration will be held in Dubai and I am definitely going to be there. I usually gave out envelopes at the one of the entrances of the church and today, Kennedy passed  by me, saying hi and smiling. My heart skipped a beat at his warm smile. I smiled back and nodded at his greeting.

After church, before going for the workers’ appraisal I saw Kennedy making some enquiries at the Public relations Unit desk. I walked up to him without even thinking about it. He greeted me with a smile and I noticed that he was making enquiries on how he could be a part of the Birthday celebration. He asked if I was going and when I said I was, he seemed excited and asked if we could go together. According to him he barely had any friends in church and was dreading going alone. I wasn’t sure of how to respond. I told him that since I had not made any plans with anyone and he was the first to ask, I did not mind, but I will however be coming along with my sister if her office allowed her. His next request however took me by surprise. He asked to pay for our flight tickets. I abruptly refused and thanked him for the offer. He told me that it will be difficult to sit together if we booked differently and insisted that he would pay and would not let me go till I agreed. Appraisal was about to start so I nodded and thanked him. He finally asked for my number…. I went home thinking about the trip and imagining how it will be. I pray that God gives me guidance. I wonder if Ken was interested in me…..

Yeah right….

I am sure he is just a being nice person.

Good night diary.


Sunday, 17th January 2016

Dear diary

I woke up today with gladness. I always did on Sundays. I love going to church. Today it seemed different… I wanted to go to church but I knew I wanted to see her as well. Though I have only known her personally for less than a week, I had been seeing her in church and I had admired her at a point in time. Speaking to her had brought my whole attention to her. I knew I was beginning to like her already and I was letting myself go.

I broke up with my previous girlfriend about a week after I gave my life to Christ and I haven’t thought about relationship since then. Now, I just want to see where God leads with this.

I went to church and saw her at her duty post sharing envelopes and smiling in the most genuine way. I wonder how she keeps up such a smile for so long. As I passed by I greeted her with a wide smile and she returned the greeting……

She is really pretty.

Service was amazing. I danced with gratitude to God for all he has done in my life. Our senior pastor’s birthday is going to be holding in Dubai. I want to be a huge part of this. I thought of the best way to do it and I decided that buying a number of tickets for members would be great. I went to the public relations unit desk to get more information on how I could do this. After making enquiries I saw Moyin right beside me. We exchanged pleasantries and at that point it felt like I stopped thinking and just kept on talking. She affirmed that she was going to Dubai for the celebration and I requested that we go together on the trip. I then offered to pay for her ticket and that of her sister who might be coming with her. She refused for a while but I insisted with persistence till she agreed.  I finally got a reason to ask for her number.  She gave it to me and had to leave for the workers’ appraisal that had begun. I know I was being too forward but this might be the only chance I will have.

Well…..Let God take full control.

Good night diary.

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