Whenever a marriage is going through challenges its either a financial issue, sexual issue, family problems and many more but today I want to talk about sexual challenges in marriage.

Many people have had various sexual relationships before marriage (although most women will tell you they have only dated and slept with two to three guys in their lives before they met you)

We have sexual expectations we experienced before marriage and if you became a Christian before you got married and did it God’s way, it means there was no premarital sex, so you didn’t test run but based on past experiences you have a taste.

Some are used to marathon sex, some are used to quickies, some start sex with oral sex, some are used to a particular style and suddenly you are married to someone who doesn’t understand or is not used to your kind of sexual experience. What do you do?

You TEACH EACH OTHER! The first thing you must know is that you can’t have good sex without personal hygiene. If your private parts are always smelling, you may pretend but you won’t be excited next time.

You can’t want a blow job all the time and your privates stink, you can’t want head and smell like rotten fish down there.

You MUST learn what your partner likes! If you don’t like oral sex and that’s what your partner likes, learn it! Listen to me! Marriage is for life and its worth fighting for.

Some women say ewwww when it comes to oral sex, some men will be giving oral as if they are tasting soup 🤣🤣🤣

Learn to do everything to pleasure your partner within Godly parameters. Put their pleasure first and learn to COMMUNICATE! Some women pretend with their husbands they can’t even stand having sex with him yet he has no clue! Some men wish they could tell their wives to stop lying down like a log of wood! Learn to talk about your sexual needs.

May God help us all in Jesus name.

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