Dear diary…
Hi… nice to meet you… I guess…. My name is Kennedy Udume … this is my first time using a diary. I just browsed out ‘How to write a diary’…. I will let you know why I created you later on.
I am 26 years old with M.Sc. Architecture. I currently work with a renowned construction company owned by my father. He has plans for me to take over the company after he retires and I don’t have a problem with that. I am very diligent and I love what I do….. Well I learnt how to put in my best in all I do after I joined the church I attend in august last year. The name of the church is Commonwealth of Zion Assembly A.K.A. COZA. I joined COZA in August 2015, out of curiosity and gave my life to Christ for real the first day I attended. From that day I stopped being a church-goer but started being an actual Christian. Everything about me began to change from that point; my association, my goals, my preferences, my words and actions.
Everyone has seen the changes in me. My folks are happy but my friends are disappointed. Though I still have a lot of struggles (I am not proud of them) but I am definitely not the same person I was. God is working in me and His spirit is leading me in the right direction. That’s all about me for now…
Thursday 14th January 2016
Today was a good day. I slept through the morning and almost missed my 4:00pm flight. I had been busy for the past 3 days. From one meeting to the other and straight from work to the Lagos branch of COZA for the 12 Days of Glory program.
Today…there was no work and no church, so I had time to relax till the time for my flight back to Abuja. My phone kept on ringing non-stop throughout the day. The calls were from different old friends ensuring that I would be at the party of my ‘former best friend’ Clarence. Though we barely spoke to each other since my decision, I still felt like I owed it to him to attend his birthday. I called him in the morning and we had an awkward ‘Happy birthday’ conversation. I ended up assuring him I will be there for his birthday. Some ‘former’ friends had called me to even quote the bible about a ‘friend that sticks closer than a brother no matter what’ I decided to just go from the airport straight to his house. As soon as I landed in Abuja, I went straight to the VIP parking lot where my car had been for the past 3 days.
On my way from the airport, I decided to pass a shorter route to Clarence’s house. I saw a well-dressed lady walking along the road in the middle of the forest. She was carrying a bag of sachet water and walking sluggishly. I considered helping her out but, with all the stories I had been hearing about armed robbers and their various tricks I didn’t bother to stop I calculated that it was out of place ‘A well-dressed lady with a bag of sachet water in a forest’… it seemed too suspicious. However, when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw her face it seemed very familiar it took me about a minute before I could place it. It was the ‘Pretty smiley usher’ that always gave envelopes at the door way to the church. I looked for the next U-turn point and quickly made a U-turn. When I got close behind her, I noticed that she was obviously tired. I pressed on my honk button to get her attention but she totally ignored me. Then I remembered that I had ignored her initially because of my suspicions. I drove up beside her and wound down the window of the front passenger seat. Before she could say anything I crashed her suspicion with COZA’s signature greeting. ‘I celebrate you’.
She seemed ‘tiredly joyful’ and explained how her car had started over heating on her way back from a meeting, so I offered to help her with it. She hopped into my car and we drove a while before getting to her car. We did the general introductions and I gave her an explanation on why I had passed her and I told her that I knew her as the ‘smiley usher’ in church… I was careful to leave the ‘Pretty’ out of it….. Her name is Moyin and she is quite a free and open minded person. I wondered how far she had trekked to get that Bag of water. Her car had cooled down a little so we could use the water on it. I knew we still had to wait a while before she could use the car, so I offered to wait with her. She accepted my offer with gratitude. We sat on the boot of my car and began to chat like we had known each other for a long time. I found out that she worked in NDIC and lived in Garki. She had a free spirit and she seemed like one of the girls my old friends will call ‘JJC’. I however enjoyed every moment with her. We discussed on some things our Senior Pastor had taught us and even discussed our New Year resolutions. She told me how she had decided to get a diary to record important happenings in her life so as to be accountable. (This is why I created this diary…. Perhaps accountability will help me overcome all my struggles). I just told her all about my Christian life and how it had been so far. I didn’t bother telling her about my past.
I wasn’t eager to leave but when it got dark I knew we had to go our separate ways. I really wanted to collect her number but I didn’t want to sound too forward so I just gracefully accepted her gratitude and waved her goodbye. It wasn’t till when I got home that I checked my phone and saw 132 missed calls. It was then I remembered that I was supposed to have gone for Clarence’s birthday.
It happens….
Sorry to him.
Good night Diary.

Friday 15th January, 2016
Dear diary
I have a lot to be thankful for. It seems like my meeting Moyin was no mistake. She was an angel sent by God. This is what happened today; I decided to go very early to the office, so as to create my report from the meetings in Lagos. There were some guys at the reception of the office building ‘gisting’ about the party that went down at Clarence’s father’s mansion. Apparently only one of them had been allowed to attend it. He was a construction engineer and probably knows Clarence or a friend in Clarence’s clique. They were all so engrossed in the gist and didn’t see me come into the building. The engineer was telling his friends all the crazy things that went down at Clarence’s house. How pornographic movies had been played on all the screens in the house, all the drinks had been spiked and many things. All of a sudden one of them saw me and alerted the others.
Well… it was too late.
I told the tale bearer to the come with me to my office, and told him in an official manner to tell me all that went down at the party. Well… let’s just say… he had enough respect for me to tell me all that happened….. How all forms of sins and crimes happened at the ‘birthday.’…. How they drugged ladies and raped them, and smoked all sort of hard drugs and did committed sins that made Sodom and Gomorrah seem righteous in comparison. I just knew that the Holy Spirit made me meet Moyin at that point yesterday. If I had gone for the party, the walls I had built to separate me from my past struggles would have come crashing down.
Later in the day Clarence and other guys in my former clique stopped by my office. I was tempted to tell my secretary to tell them that I wasn’t available at that moment, but I didn’t want to lie so I just told her to let them in. They seemed angry when they came in. I gave Clarence the gold plated watch that I carefully wrapped up for him and apologized for not attending his party. When I asked them how the party went, they told me to total opposite of what the engineer had told me. I wasn’t sure whose story to believe.
The story the engineer told me seemed incredible…. However the other story Clarence told me about simple party with just a few friends, a few drinks and music also seemed even more incredulous. Knowing the kind of guys Clarence and his clique were. They tried inviting me to go clubbing with them tonight, saying that I should make up for missing Clarence’s birthday, but I stood firm and told them I had to go to church. That did the trick and a few minutes later, they left my office. I felt guilty about lying, and because I wanted to validate what I told them, I actually drove to church.
To my surprise something was actually going on… it was worker’s meeting and the senior pastor was in church. He preached like he was preaching to his family. I was blessed by the words he gave. He commended them on their service throughout the 12DG and blessed them. At that point I really wished I was actually a worker. At the end of the meeting I bumped into Moyin at the foyer of the church. She was surprised to see me and I had to explain why I had come. Careful not to tell her about my old friends or the party I almost attended yesterday, I just told her that I had told some guys I was coming to church and I had to, so that it won’t be a lie. She laughed heartily at the fact that I had to fulfill what I had said to avoid lying. She thanked me over and over for yesterday and I felt embarrassed as I kept telling her it was a pleasure. She waved goodbye and left after a short while. It still seemed too soon to collect her number, so I didn’t bother asking. I came straight home, took a shower and kept trying to delete her smiley face from my mind…. I can’t.
Good night diary

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