1st January 2016

Dear Diary

My name is Moyinoluwa Adeyemi. I am a 22 year old lady with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I made some decisions yesterday, the 31st of December 2015, to create a New Year resolution and be accountable for life and living. Beginning from today, I shall record all my important life happenings and be accountable for all my thoughts words and actions.

I am a Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I love Jesus and I attend His church called Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). In my opinion I am quite prosperous for my age.  I work in NDIC and I am paid over a million monthly.

My number one prayer point is meeting the right man. I don’t think I am ugly… I don’t think I am jaw dropping beautiful either. A lot of people tell me I am beautiful but I feel like they are exaggerating or just flattering me. I dated about four people before giving my life to Christ.

After sincerely giving my life to Christ in 2014 and going through some mind renewal processes, my standards for dating changed and I had ‘the love of Jesus’ as my first standard for any suitor that appeared to be physically appealing. A lot of people have asked me out and some even proposed marriage but they  either did not meet my spiritual and physical standards or I couldn’t bring myself to having feelings for them.  Well that’s a brief summary of my life. Now I can begin my life story.

Friday 1st January 2016

Today was an awesome day. I went for crossover service in church. It was an amazing service. Pastor Biodun, The senior pastor of COZA declared the year ‘HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW’. I made sure I gave him a gift since today is his birthday. We were given enough time to declare into our year and I kept on declaring that 2016 will be the year I will meet my husband. I felt peace and Joy after the service. I was in Abuja through Christmas and New Year and my entire family had come to spend the holidays in my house. My parents and my little brother had come from Lagos and my sister lives with me. We all went for a family outing, to see a movie in a Silverbird Cinema. Although I was happy, my Joy wasn’t full. I had not dated anyone for two years.

I planned to get married when I turned 23, but my birthday is in March and I still don’t have a friend that I can even consider for courtship. I was however glad that my family was happy this holiday.

My sister came with her boyfriend to the cinema. Though she is two years younger than I am, she had dated her boyfriend for two years now and she had started claiming that this year, she will get married. Though I am not jealous of her, I just really want to meet the man that I can call my own.

After the movie, we all ate out at Jeveniks restaurant and went home happy. I succeeded at hiding my fear and sadness.

Saturday 9th January 2016

Dear Diary

Today is another great day God made, my parents and little brother left for Lagos with a 3:00pm flight. Mummy prayed that I will find my husband this year and daddy blessed me and thanked me for all the wonderful treatment I gave them this holiday. Deji, my little brother collected cash from me claiming it was for student upkeep, ignoring the fact that I had sent a lot of money into his account.

I drove from the airport straight to church. I had to go early because I am a worker in church; under the Ushery board, and we have an ongoing program called 12 Days of Glory which we started since the 2nd of this month. It entailed 12 days of fasting, prayer and the word from great men of God. I wrote down my utmost desire (my husband), behind my church jotter on the first day, and I have been praying in that line.  The word has been working mightily in me, building up my faith and making me more confident. I thank God for this 12 Days of Glory. I know that something great is about to happen. My key scripture is Proverbs 18:22 and I have been prophesying that I am a good thing that brings favor from God and I must be found this month by the man prepared by God.

Glory to God.


Thursday, January 14 2016

Dear Diary

Today was a very eventful day for me. 12 days of glory ended yesterday. The word of prophecy from the senior pastor that I will never forget is “LET THE TESTIMONIES BEGIN.” Today I woke up with Joy and excitement in my heart. I praised God with all the joy and excitement I had in me. I went to work early and I had to go and get some documents from an organization in the outskirts of Abuja. On my way back my car started overheating and I had to park up the car along the road.

I didn’t know what to do. I was so confused. I almost cried as I wondered why this was happening after 12DG. It was already 4:00pm and I was in the middle of the forest.  I decided to lock up the car and go and look for anywhere I could buy a bag of sachet water in order to cool down the car. I walked for almost 30 minutes, before I saw a little boy with a bag of water on his head I gave him a thousand naira and told him to keep the change and took the bag, happy that I had found water.

I was so tired so I walked slowly carrying the bag of water that felt really heavy.  At a point I heard a car following close behind me. The owner was honking loudly. I knew he was trying to get my attention but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone in this strange area. He finally drove up beside me and wound down his tinted glasses. I was getting ready to tell him I wasn’t interested in whatever he wanted to say, when he said the magic words ‘I celebrate you’.

These magic words shattered my walls of defense. I just knew he was a member of my church.

“I CELEBRATE YOU!” This is the signature greeting in my church.

He asked me what was up and why I was walking on the road in the middle of no where. I explained it all to him and he offered to drive me to where my car was parked. He told me his name is Kenneth and he had been attending COZA since August last year.

He knew me in church as ‘the smiley usher’. He had not recognized me at first. He thought I looked familiar but couldn’t place my face so he had passed me by, guessing he was just imagining things. After he had driven a while it clicked that I was the smiley usher, so he had turned around and come back to pick me. He was a very tall, smart and good looking man (Typical COZA guy). He helped me and waited with me till my car cooled off. While we waited, we spoke a lot about ourselves and our experiences. We did not have one boring moment.

According to him, he had been coming from the Airport and had taken that route for the first time. I just acknowledged that it was the Spirit of God that directed him. We discussed our New Year resolutions and I told him about having a diary for accountability. It turned out to be a very fun evening. I thanked him for his help with so much gratitude and thanked God for sending him. I drove home safely with so much gratitude to God.

Thank you Jesus.



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