I am shaking a table this morning and its the reason why many women have men who don’t want to be responsible and many women are suffering and smiling.

It’s okay to support a man but DON’T MOTHER HIM! Many women who have irresponsible husbands always give men the option of “its okay if you can’t get it done, I will get it for you ” that’s absolutely wrong, it makes men relax!

For instance a husband and a father has not paid school fees and the wife is running around begging friends and sliding into DMs while the man on the other hand just leans back with the mindset of “my wife will get it done” Madam you are the cause of your misfortune and problems. You are a wife and mother to his children NOT his mother!

Most women who are now stuck with irresponsible husbands began to pay from the first or second date! They cooked with their money, bought him clothes, borrowed him money he never returned, even bought postinor 2 with their own money 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Funke!!! 🤣🤣🤣 and now they are married and you expect him to change? He NEVER will!

If he is not responsible now, he will never be responsible, if he is not caring now, he will never care, if he doesn’t buy stuff for you now, he never will!

I remember when my wife and I were still dating, I was walking down a street and I saw this very nice pink second hand bag and I bought it for her. By the grace of God I can afford to buy her better bags today.

If that man is not making the effort before marriage, he never will. This is common sense oya take it 🕺

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