Back to life.. Tina’s Testimony

Hello Guys, this is a testimony of a lady called Tina Yvonne. It will definitely be a blessing to you.

“I had an experience I don’t know if you would understand
I got sick at night on a particular day. I was restless and couldn’t sleep so I tried to hold on till morning but I couldn’t. So I woke my sister up around 4am and we went to the hospital…. I got several injections and felt better.
I got back home and slept. Around 11am it started again and my sister wanted to take me to the hospital… her first daughter started crying…..
“Aunty Tina don’t go”
“If you go, you won’t come back…”
She kept on crying and crying, even though it is not in her character to act in such manner….
I held her and told her that I will be back… but she refused to listen and insisted on following me to the hospital…..I refused…
She was crying when I left.
When I got to the hospital, I was admitted….
I was already getting better when they brought a boy into my ward room and I heard a voice saying that the spirit of death is with him
So I told my sister I wanted to leave… She was fine with it, so she went to start d transfer process. Within that short time, I started vomiting and running temperature.
All of a sudden I felt at peace….
A sweet peace I can’t describe.
Suddenly I saw myself being actually discharged from the hospital and I was crossing the express when I saw a friend of mine who is dead, standing at the other end of the road, calling out to me.
I had crossed the first lane and was about to cross the second when I heard familiar voices calling me and screaming
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
I then jerked up… but couldn’t recognize where I was.
My sister and her friends were filled with shock because I kept asking what happened…
They said nothing.
I later realized that I peed on myself and I couldn’t get a hold of my body system….
I was transferred to Bwari hospital.
While I was there, that sweet peace started again and I was began to feel weak….
I just told God that I am not ready and I don’t want my fiancé or my family members to weep over me….
I spoke to Him in my heart
Then it stopped. …
Only believers with a relationship with God can relate to this.
It was after the whole thing had ended that my sister told me that my body had been lifeless for a while… and I came back to Life….
I just give the Glory to God

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